Monnet HeatProtech Varmesokker

Lang batterikapasitet.

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A new generation of cylindrical Vs flat batteries offering better performance:

  • Batteries heat up harder : HeatProtech has a maximum power of 3 watts Vs 2.2 watts, i.e. +36%; competitor also has a power of less than 3 watts
  • Batteries heat at a constant temperature:
  • The batteries recharge very quickly: 60% charge in 1 hour and 100% charge in 2 ½ hours, with a 3 amp charger,
  • The batteries vibrate at each change of heating level. Competitors only have LEDs that are not visible under ski pants .
  • The batteries heat up to 16 hours at level 1 in app mode.
  • Batteriesare lighter: 75 gr Vs 83 gr for competitor


Application :

5 functions specific to the HeatProtech application:


  • Remaining heating time indication : better management of the operating time
  • "Demo Mode": Allows in-store salespeople to demonstrate how the socks work without the batteries being activated. Currently available on IOS, and planned for Android in October 2020.
  • Motion Control Function: The sensor in the phone detects activity and lowers the heating one level if you are in motion. This function can be turned off
  • Overheating protection" function: If the heating level is 7 or higher, the heating level is automatically reduced to level 6 after 5 minutes. This function can be switched off.
  • Indication of a telephone call by battery vibrationThis function can be switched off.



  • The heating is more efficient because the heating wire is positioned all around the toes and is in direct contact with the foot.
  • No extra thickness because there is no electric wire, so they are more comfortable.
  • 33% merino wool
  • Made in France: HeatProtech socks are Made in France, not made in China.

Partnership :

HeatProtech socks have been developed and tested in partnership with the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix .