Modern, polarized and superlight mountain shades with removable Sidekick sun shields. Delivered with Sunski pebbled faux-leather texture hardcase. Made in San Francisco, CA, USA.

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Classic aviator sunglasses meet the iconic glacier goggle. The Treelines harken back to days when mustaches were thicker and the high-adrenaline adventures never stopped. Weighing less than an ounce, the award-winning Treelines feature rubber nose pads for life’s bumpy rides. Magni-Snap Sidekicks block glare without ruining your peripheral vision, yet detach easily when you’re not in full-on adventure mode.

Designed for snowy and sunny-day adventures below 14k feet, each style in the Sidekick Collection features a unique silhouette, polarized lenses and removable Magnetic Snap Sidekicks. These versatile, glare-reducing sunglasses offer enhanced performance in reflective conditions without compromising on style. Finally, a way to enjoy wraparound protection without looking like an action figure.

Design Sunski´s sunglasses balance style and functionality without compromise. Their design process is rigorous, unique and innovative.

Quality Sunski´s frames are made from recycled plastic, our packaging is plastic-free and we donate 1% of sales to environmental non-profits. We believe that good design has to be sustainable too.

Enjoyment Their north star has always been the great outdoors. We live to go outside and experience the simple joy of the natural environment. Our products exist to make those moments even better.

The Challenge Quality sunglasses are too expensive. Cheap sunglasses are poor quality. Performance sunglasses aren’t stylish. Stylish sunglasses don’t perform. Less than 1% of the world’s sunglasses are made from sustainable materials. We make the best of all worlds—super stylish, functional, sustainable shades at a fair price. Sunski turn recycled plastic into stylish, functional, quality sunglasses that give you the best outside experience for a fair price.

Style Sunski don’t shop from factory catalogs or blindly chase fast fashion trends. Every style and color that Sunski sell is designed from scratch and tested with customers at their studio in San Francisco.

Perfect Fit Sunski´s light and flexible frames are designed to fit snugly so they don’t slide around, but not so much that they squeeze or cause pain. By 3D modeling the frames from scratch, we ensure the essential surfaces of the frames that touch the face are smooth and comfortable. Sunski never use the clumsy metal nose pads that leave indents in skin and get caught in your hair.

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