BLIZZARD Zero G 950 - Green

Toppturski 21/22

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For ski tourers who enjoy both uphill and downhill in equal measure, the Zero G 95 from Blizzard with a centre width of 95 mm is the optimal choice.

The all-round talent is versatile and works just as well in deep powder as on tracked slopes. The carbon overlay, Carbon Drive 2.0, in combination with the wood core makes the touring ski particularly light while maintaining high stability. Torsional stiffness and constant pressure along the entire ski edge is delivered by the Sidewall construction, resulting in better energy transfer, stability and unrestricted control in all conditions.


Gender / Age: Men / Unisex
Range of application: 50/50 , Expert, Advanced, Freetouring
Application area touring skis: 50/50, Freetouring
Level/driving ability: Advanced, Expert
Season: 2021/22


  • Tip and Tail Rocker
  • Sandwich Compound Partial Sidewall Construction
  • Pawlonia Woodcore
  • Carbon Drive 2.0 Technology