VÖLKL V-Werks BMT 109


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The Volkl V-Werks BMT 109 Skis are a true quiver of one ski. Light enough to slay the skin track but versatile enough to go from the backcountry to the resort. Slaying deep powder, hard pack groomers and everything in between. For this, the Volkl V-Werk BMT 109’s are awarded our prestigious Gear of the Year Award.

BMT stands for ‘Big Mountain Touring’, an apt acronym for this ski. This is a full rocker ski. The design and technology, naturally, comes from the V-Works Katana ski. The BMT line is slightly narrower and lighter than the V-Werk Katana, in order to provide a more dedicated touring capability while not sacrificing anything on the down. The BMT 109 is a true mix of freeride and touring, hence the name. It has more than enough width for backcountry pow, and one of the lowest weight to surface area ratios making them easy to haul up the skin track. Their full rocker design makes them easily float in pow and handle well in tougher variable conditions while still being nimble on hard pack and groomers. If 109mm underfoot is too much for you the BMT’s also come in a 94mm width (the BMT 94’s). And if you’re a chubby chaser there’s also the BMT 122.