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After getting introduced to Inuit mukluks some years back, we started to study how we could take their concepts and bring it to the future with precision craftsmanship and cutting edge technology. With this in mind, we set out to develop a new versatile boot system built around different inter-changable outer and inner boots, so that you can choose the right inner-boot with the right outer boot for your intended use, and build your footwear wardrobe around this system.

The Safari Mucks are the second boot in in the muck system, focusing on adventure travelling. Hand-sewn in suede leather and cotton canvass welted on a super-soft vibram sole. The inner boot is done in a breezy open mesh to ensure air flow. The inner boot also includes a sole in order to function as a slipper in camp, indoors or on longer flights.

The muck system now comprises two different outer-boots; The Mountain muck and the Safari Muck accompanied by three different inner-boots; summer mesh, standard mesh and wool felt for the coldest days.

Inner boot
Sueded leather
Canvas/Cotton details
Vibram sole