Quick-drying beanie made from a technical merino mix. Unisex.

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No more steaming heads and freezing ears: Our 145 ULTRA BEANIE means exclusivity for your head, because this is where you’ll find ORTOVOX’s best yarn. For this yarn, the finest merino wool fibers are spun around a nylon core to combine the positive features of wool and synthetic fibers. This creates a lightweight beanie that can boast all the advantages of merino wool. 

Our 145 ULTRA BEANIE is elastic, soft on the skin, and dries significantly faster than beanies made purely of wool. Thanks to the fine merino wool fibers, our 145 ULTRA BEANIE is also moisture and temperature regulating, odor neutral and easy to care for. 


Tasmanian merino wool 
Merino wool is particularly fine and a sustainable natural product. Our merino wool comes from happy sheep reared on monitored, ethical sheep farms in Tasmania. Thanks to the small-diameter fibers in its particularly fine woolen threads, our merino wool is extremely soft and comfortable to wear on the skin. In addition to comfort, merino wool provides an ideal personal body climate by naturally regulating both moisture and temperature. It’s also odor neutralizing and easy to care for.

In both the 105 MERINO ULTRA and 145 MERINO ULTRA lines, ORTOVOX uses the most exclusive yarn in the range: Nuyarn®. Fine wool fibers are spun around a polyamide core in a special manufacturing process. This produces a yarn that can be used to make light and voluminous fabrics. Increased warmth, comfort and stability are just a few of the benefits