POC ARTIC SL MIPS - Speedy Gradient Fluorescent Pink/Aventurine Yellow

Slalom helmet with extra protection zones and a fully adjustable and removable chin bar.

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Mips Integra seamlessly and almost invisibly integrates rotational impact protection into the helmet, enhancing protection across a wider range of impacts.

Other protective technologies in the slalom helmet include VPD inserts at the rear of the helmet, which give extra protection from repeat impacts. 

Featuring a multi-impact EPP liner and a tough outer shell in ABS, the helmet keeps you protected from multiple impacts.

Ventilation is fully adjustable, and the helmet comes complete with the Maxilla Breakaway chin bar and a Fidlock buckle that you can easily operate while wearing gloves.



  • Comes complete with Maxilla Breakaway Chinbar
  • VPD inserts
  • Multi-impact protection
  • Fidlock buckle